One Bedroom Front Entry Neighborhood

The Design Explained

Our design/build team consists of local architects and builders. Our goal is to create long term modular homes for those who were directly affected or displaced by the 2017 North Bay fires. The neighborhoods we plan to build will offer outdoor common areas, joint community space, and quality sustainable cottages. Each cottage is built with standard construction for permanent use, but can be moved and deconstructed for future locations.

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What’s Included in Each Home

Each cottage is designed with full size bedrooms and bathrooms, efficient modern kitchens, covered porches, and decks. We plan for the cottages to have a washer and dryer, stove, refrigerator and microwave. We are currently offering a one bedroom and are working on the design for a three bedroom option.






Building Construction

Site Infrastructure

Neighborhood Infrastructure

Design Details

Building Shell

Exterior Finishes

Interior Walls, Cabinetry & Finishes

Plumbing Fixtures & Piping

Windows and Doors


Electrical, Heating & Cooling System

Long Term Plan

The structures are made to be mobile, deconstructed and to reused for other housing applications. This means there is an opportunity for many of these neighborhoods to provide housing solutions for teachers, winery workers, construction labor, student housing or other natural disasters we may face in the future.



Modular Construction

Open Source Plans

Sustainable Energy Features

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