One Bedroom Front Entry Neighborhood

The Design Explained

Our team wanted to create an attractive alternative to traditional disaster housing. They wanted our homes to be affordable, practical, pleasant places to live. And it was important that the homes could be used adaptively. Our 480sqft cottages are factory built and shipped to California already permitted. They are designed to maximize style and minimize cost. And they can be moved between locations and placed either temporarily or permanently.

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What’s Included in Each Home

Each cottage is designed with full size bedrooms and bathrooms, efficient modern kitchens, covered porches, and decks. We plan for the cottages to have a washer and dryer, stove, refrigerator and microwave. We are currently offering a one bedroom and are working on the design for a three bedroom option.


Modern Architecture

Sustainable Engineering



Stud-Frame Construction

Included in Home

Cabinetry and Finishes

Plumbing Fixtures

Light Fixtures


Heating & Cooling System

Decks and Stairs

Built for the Future

The structures are designed to be built quickly and used in multiple ways. They are meant to serve the immediate needs of fire survivors. But they will continue to serve our community after recovery.



Modular Construction

Sustainable Energy Features

Temporary or Permanent Foundations

Plans Available to Disaster Communities

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