Our Cottages

What’s Included in Each Home

Each Home will be constructed by a team of Contractors and volunteers for families who lost their home in the fires. The homes are constructed offsite and shipped to the site largely complete. They will be installed in transitional housing villages and as Accessory Dwelling Units at existing homes that were not damaged.


Building Construction
Site Infrastructure
Neighborhood Infrastructure

Design Details

Building Shell
Exterior Finishes
Interior Walls
Plumbing Fixtures & Piping
Windows and Doors
Interior Finishes
Electrical System Heating/Cooling System Furniture

The Design Explained


Our goal is to have the first neighborhood of 40-50 homes of different types in place in the next 2-3 months. We are planning to build one set of 5-10 homes with a volunteer crew in 2-4 weeks. We anticipate multiple volunteer crews in different locations to increase production.

Smart Design

Cottages are designed to be sustainable, energy efficient and exceed the requirements of the CA Green Building Code. The units will have primarily non-combustible exterior materials in compliance with the Wildland Urban Interface requirements.

The Location

We are working with public, private and non-profit landowners to find temporary locations for these homes. The Homes for Sonoma team will provide all of the necessary utility and infrastructure upgrades to support the installation of temporary homes.

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Featured Floor Plans

One Bedroom Floor Plan

Three Bedroom Floor Plan

Neighborhood Designs

First United Methodist Church 2150 Giffen - Concept Plans

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