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Step By Step

Homes for Sonoma came together knowing our community needs an immediate solution to housing and a long term plan moving forward. If you are one of our neighbors who lost your home in the fires, please click here to apply for a cottage.

Early Registration

Your first step is to sign up for early registration and updates on the project. We have local architects and builders creating immediate housing solutions.


We are working with County representatives and local organizations to get the application process streamlined. If you would like to receive an application please email info@homesforsonoma.org. We will be updating the website with an online submission in the near future.

I’d like to be considered for early registration to receive a home.

If you are interested in living in one of our cottages please sign up for early registration. Our fiscal sponsor, Burbank Housing, will contact you once the application process has started.

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Stay Updated

Sign up for our newsletter updates, like our social media, use your form of communication to receive progress about our project. Steps will continue to be added to the process as the project continues.

Get updates on our project.

Receive monthly updates on our project. Watch the designs come to life, meet some of our partners and learn more about our progress.