How It Works

How does Homes for Sonoma work?

Our plan is to contract lend-lease programs on public and privately owned pieces of land to create safe and sustainably constructed neighborhoods. Individuals and families displaced by the fires and those now being squeezed out of the tight rental housing market in Sonoma County will be eligible to live in the units. Applications will be processed by our fiscal sponsor, Burbank Housing. You can sign up for early registration with our form at the bottom of this page.

The build process will involve cost-effective, modular, stud-framed houses; constructed with fabricated components that can be crafted at one location, then transported to any building site and easily assembled. This strategy was developed to help plan for the limited resources created by natural disasters in 2017 and lack of natural resources across our county. The housing units themselves are being designed in such a way that they will be able to be relocated to a permanent location once people have recovered from the fires or found other housing options. These high quality, low-cost cottages can then be offered to the many Sonoma County families in desperate need of affordable lodging.

Getting Started

The first step is construction of the fabricated pieces that will be used in the modular housing. We will need the help of skilled construction workers who are willing and able to train others in creating the sections and then supervise the onsite construction of the cottages. Homeowners will participate in the process, providing sweat equity investment in their homes.

Lend a Skilled Hand

If you are a construction professional or skilled laborer, please sign up here.

Sustainable Benefits

Our commitment to rebuilding goes deeper than quickly putting up quality houses, with three critical, long-lasting benefits:

1. The plan offers an opportunity for homeowners to be part of building the modular homes, a sweat equity and pride of craftsmanship that is the hallmark of teamwork and community.

2. The technology used to create the fabricated elements is cutting edge and will provide skills that are easily transferred to the real works jobs critical to our county’s economic future.

3. When the fire victims move into their rebuilt homes, these high quality, low-cost houses can be offered to the many families in desperate need of affordable lodging.

Who Are You?

I Need A Home

If you are one of our neighbors who lost your home in the fires, please click here to apply for a cottage.

I Have Land To Rent

If you own property on which you will allow a cottage to be built, please click here.

I’d like to be considered for early registration to receive a home.

If you are interested in living in one of our cottages please sign up for early registration. Our fiscal sponsor, Burbank Housing, will contact you once the application process has started.

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