Building Transitional Housing for
Sonoma County

What is Homes for Sonoma

Homes for Sonoma

One week after the fires distrupted and destroyed parts of our communtiy a small group of designers, architects, builders and community leaders called a meeting to discuss how to help our friends, families and neighbors. With so many displaced residents in the aftermath of the fires, we felt an urgent need— really a duty—to provide a clear, practical, responsible way to rebuild our community in a way that not only served the immediate needs of those who lost their homes, but would also help address the long-term affordable housing situation in Sonoma County.

Our goal in coming together is to provide leadership and direction in our collective journey to rebuild our homes, our communities, and our lives. By putting our plan into action we can provide affordable, high-quality homes to our neighbors who need housing and build a strategy for longterm needs.

Meet Our Team

A wide array of highly respected local professionals, including representatives from Burbank Housing, Quattrocchi Kwok Architects, Maker Media and more, have joined together.

David Farish

180 Studios

Drew Weigl

AXIA Architects

Samantha Kraesig


Michelle Farrell


Anna Van Dordrecht

Sonoma County Office of Education

Rachel F. Ginis

Lilypad Homes

Rose Souders

Potluck Consulting

Steven Kwok

Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Dan Blake

Sonoma County Office of Education

Tyler Chartier

Tyler Chartier Photography

Aaron Jobson

Quattrocchi Kwok Architects

Will Korger

ZFA Structural Engineers

Jane Hamilton

Rebuild Together Petaluma

Heather Mackin

International Interior Design Association

Catherine Grace

International Interior Design Association

Caroline Shaw

Jackson Family Wines

Fox Scarlett


Peggy Furth

Angel Investor

Melinda Hepp

Studio PR

Matt O’Donnell

Sonoma County Office of Education

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