Smart Housing Solutions for Sonoma County


Beyond Housing. The Real Problem.

Sonoma County needs solutions. Without affordable housing we will lose valued community members. The foundation of our community—our schools, industries, economy and families—will suffer.

Our solution is high-quality, affordable modular homes

Models of Form and Function

Our cottages are built to California Code with a keen design aesthetic.

Long Term Plan

The 2017 wildfires in Sonoma County made our already serious housing crisis worse. Our region needs available, affordable housing now. Our team understands the need for solutions that solve the problems of today with the future in mind.

Community Response

Homes for Sonoma is a volunteer-led response to the 2017 Sonoma County wildfires.

Education & Industry

Our students, teachers, tradespeople and ag workers need a long term plan.

Thank you

North Bay Fire Relief for a
$100,000 donation

Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund for a
$1,000,000 donation

Hamel Family for a
$900,000 donation

Rise Up Sonoma for a
$75,000 donation

Albertsons and Rebuilding Together Petaluma for a
$300,000 donation

Community Helping Community

Homes for Sonoma is a volunteer-led team of local community members dedicated to bringing housing to Sonoma County now.

In the News

Our work has been covered by KTVU, the Press Democrat, and the North Bay Business Journal.

What You Can Do Now

Home Owners

Partner to build an ADU

Land Owners

Leasing or donating land for a cottage village

Get updates on our project.

Receive updates on our project. Watch the designs come to life, meet some of our partners and learn more about our progress.