Rebuilding our community

When fires ravaged our community and left thousands of people displaced, we came together swiftly, strongly and with one thing in mind: help our friends and neighbors in whatever way we can.


How It Works


Rapid Response

Your first step is to sign up for early registration and updates on the project. We have local architects and builders creating immediate housing solutions.

Next Steps

Begin construction on Homes for Sonoma units using a distributed manufacturing model whereby modular components can be constructed in multiple locations then sent to building sites for final assembly.

Rebuild & Reuse

Stay and rebuild. After the process is complete, we will be repurposing housing units to help address Sonoma County’s pre-existing housing shortage.

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Our Cottages

Models of form and function

Our cottages are not only structurally sound shelters; they are also built with a keen design aesthetic.

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Rapid Response

The first phase of our plan is to purchase 105 existing housing units to be placed on two or three pieces of land as temporary neighborhoods.

Immediate Need

We know that it is critical to have a large amount of high-quality, affordable housing in place as soon as possible. Transitional housing will buy time for recovery and rebuild.

Long Term Plan

Our cottages will eventually be recycled to help others affect by natural disasters and other populations in need of housing.

Become A Partner

You can become a Homes for Sonoma Partner and assist with recruitment, organizing and outreach. We’re all in this together and the more participants we have, the stronger we grow.

Become An Investor

Investing in Homes for Sonoma is an investment in our immediate rebuilding efforts, as well as our long-term commitment to ease the housing crisis in Sonoma County. Above all, it is an investment in our beautifully resilient community and the people who make us Sonoma County Strong.

What You Can Do Now


This is a community effort. Your donations will go to providing a home for someone in need.


We are looking for help for the rebuild effort. Sign up and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

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